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Welcome to the Friends of the West Shore Theatre. All of us have great memories of visiting our local movie theatre again and again throughout our lives. For decades since the 1920’s movie theatres have been the centerpiece of communities, large and small. At one time there were a dozen or more local neighborhood theatres in the area. You may recall small theatres in Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Steelton, and many of the surrounding areas. For many of you, that is the West Shore Theatre.

We have come together to save the West Shore Theatre for ourselves, our families our friends and neighbors and for future generations. We invite you to join us.

Back in May 2018, at a town meeting at the Fire Hall, we asked you what you thought the West Shore Theatre should keep and what it might become. Since then we have formed a non-profit organization to buy the theatre and make plans to bring it back to life, The Friends of the West Shore Theatre.

Our motto has been Restore, Revitalize, Reinvent. We want to Restore and maintain the beauty and feel of this historical theatre while we bring it up to date. We expect to Revitalize the theatre and by doing that, help in the revitalization efforts in New Cumberland and around the West Shore. To do that, we know we need to Reinvent ourselves to adapt to the present, while honoring the past.

If you value the West Shore Theatre, or other historic theatres or just love films and live performances you will be interested in learning more. We hope you want to help. We need the communities help to make this happen and we welcome your help and support in spreading the word about this project. We would like to keep you up to date on the changes to the Theatre. Please consider adding your contact information to our list of Friends.

Welcome to Saving the Theatre.